Volcano Birthday!

Today was Avi’s big 4th birthday!  We had an explosive volcano-themed party, and lots of friends showed up.  We were all ready at 1pm when the sun came out and the party started!

all ready with his water gun jet pack our new neighbors gave him.

the backyard waiting for kids!

I think we had about 13 kids at the house!  They all snacked first and then sat down for crafting…

Avi and I had whipped up some flour/salt/water clay in a nice bright green to shape around some recycled (Korean-drink-style) yogurt containers.   So, each kid got a big plastic plate, a container, and a baggy of clay.  After they shaped the volcano I poured red vinegar in it followed by a slurry of baking soda, dish soap, and a bit of water.  Then it exploded!!   Each kid seemed to just revel in their own exploding ‘bolcano’ .

vinegar and baking soda slurry

making mini volcanos

volcanos were shaping up!

Sufficiently messy, they were enticed outside by Bryan’s sound effects.  He played some rumbling earthquaking sounds and we all told the kids “it’s going to blow”.  Of course, they knew it was the big volcano out back.  Last week Bryan brought home a giant kimchi holder and turned it into a great volcano with some spray paint and the hose.  This occupied the kiddos for a long while – so I tidied the mini volcanos and chatted with the moms and dads. 

the big explosion out back

It was a wet fun mess.

Later, we strung the pirate ship piñata (they didn’t have a volcano one at the BX) and each kid got a good whack at it before it bit the dust and spewed some dumdums and army guys to stick on their crafty volcanoes.

taking a swing at the pirate ship

At some point in all the fun/chaos I brought out the cake and we sang happy birthday for Avi to blow out his candles.  The kids were so funny requesting parts of the cake.  Avi wanted the lava and crater, Garret wanted the boat, Joni got the ocean, Isabel got a slice of mountain….on and on….I let them choose what their slice looked like since it was going to awkward to cut anyway.  And we really don’t need leftovers.

Avi’s volcano cake – we added pirate ships to our theme when he chose a ship piñata at the BX.
he DID take out that lollipop to blow out his candles.

Zoe gave Avi some dinosaurs in a tube and this cute handmade card.

Everyone stayed for quite a while before slowly heading home.  What a fun way to celebrate Avi turning 4 years old!!   After they all left, Bryan and I sat down and ordered him a new bike (14 in) since his 12 inch thrift store find with the wonky wheels, broken pedal and wobbly basket popped a tyre when he skidded to a halt.  Love gmarket.com!

this should show up on my porch in a couple days

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