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Mongolian Homestay

Staying with a herding family is fascinating and, for once, I’ve found a place I could NOT see myself living.

It’s like we’ve gone back in time to the days of Chinggis Kahn (that’s how they spell it).  Except they have solar panels to charge the lightbulb, cell phone and satellite TV.  So they have modernity, but wether by choice or lack of education seem to lack certain normalcies and hygiene I’ve seen everywhere else… Even in the poorest communities.  
I also don’t think they are poor.  Certainly they don’t own much but they also have absolutely no debt, live off free land and sell their sheep for quite a profit.  Its like they live impoverishedly in some respects, and again, we can’t tell if it is by choice or simple ignorance.

Regardless, it’s been fascinating.  We are sleeping on the floor in the main family ger – there are two others for extended family members. We spend the evenings and mornings with the family and choose to withdraw ourselves “hiking” for most if the day. 
The valley they live in is gorgeous.  Beautiful green and brownish grassland with rivers flowing through it.  Surrounded by huge grass covered mountains and large rocky outcroppings everywhere.  If you’ve ever seen the movie “Cave of the yellow dog” it’s like we’ve gone there but not during such a green season. Our kids love that movie, by the way.
Out Exploring:


Random things we’ve experienced:

where the meat is stored, until tomorrow when its shoved under the bed.

making dinner
the homestead

one of three cows…and grandma gathering dung
Avi just loves cows.

fresh meat

bringing in the yaks for milking

Zoe showing you her toilet spot for the evening
the nice dog

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