Zoe has decided to be vegetarian.  She has certainly leaned that way for a long time, rarely picking at her meat. I think the over-meatness of Mongolia hastened her decision.

She even said that one thing was she hated th meat in Mongolia.  But she isn’t sure why otherwise.  “It just feels right.”
We got a few veg cookbooks from the library.  It won’t be too tough because I don’t actually cook meat everyday anyway. But she will help cook a veg protein option if I am. 
Proud of her making a big choice. 

Thank goodness pie is still on the menu. Here is her shoo fly pie we baked from a recipe in her reading book called Rachel Yoder; it’s about an Amish girl. She loves it.  I think we will be looking for more of the series. Pie was delicious!

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