Labor Day

This weekend has felt long.  It was so great to have Bryan home for 4 days but I’ve been mentally and emotionally preoccupied with news of Granddads passing that it’s been fuzzy to enjoy.  It’s been hard to reconcile being so far and trying to feel out whether I should try to get to PA (space-a is notoriously fickle) or just honor his life from here. I’ve decided to stay.

Saturday was wonderful with no plans and cool sunny weather, so I worked  in the garden.  In the afternoon we went for a nice hike too.
My garden is overflowing
Cleaning our feet like the Koreans do after a hike

Sunday we went to Wonju camping –  it’s the place we always go when we haven’t figured anything else out.  It’s easy. We camp, play in the water, lounge in the hammock and get in some rock climbing.  Our friends joined us on Monday so it was fun to see Zoe and Avi ‘teach’ their 4 kids how to rock climb.  Both of ours got higher and tougher than ever before! 

Today we went to everland as we promised the kids.  I haven’t slept well the last two nights and felt so meh this morning.  But it turned into a wonderful day.  There were few people there so Bryan got to experience an awesome line-free day.  

Avi is 100cm with his new tall high tops shoes.  So he was able to ride a new genre of big kid rides like a for-real family coaster and the log flume.  He did that coaster 5 times!!! He can also ride with Zoe on stuff and they enjoyed the flash pang pang together.
Zoe is also loving her new 120cm category and took the leap up to the big coasters. She rode the 4 looper twice!!  
Front seat!
This evening we went to Avi’s new preschool for a meet and greet.  He was tired from Everland until he saw his buddy Colton.  Then he was all excited and found his name in each classroom (they rotate rooms got art, music, math).  He starts Thursday and is looking forward to it!  

So moving into September is already feeling heavy and busy with birthday parties and get togethers, plus school and my own “should do’s”.  I suppose I probably just need a good nights sleep, but it’s feeling a bit like I can’t wait for October already.  Glad for the calming rain tonight and sleeping with the windows open…. That train and barking dog can lull me to bed anytime. 

The local kittens are getting big – and sadly still too feral to touch.  I could use a kitty on my lap. 

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