Happy Chuseok!

Well this weekend has been busy!  Between birthday parties, baby meals, pet shelter duty, and helping with a baby shower we have had a few afternoons at home to work on the garden… As seems the tradition this weekend, being Chuseok!

I picked my first pumpkin of the season! Cut my dead corn stalks and transplanted a few tomatoes and flowers.  It’s amazing how some things like marigolds and squash take over the garden but my eggplant and tomato barely eek through. Must be the clayey soil.

My rice!

The most fun surprises have been for Chuseok!  This is the holiday for Koreans to show their gratitude; a thanksgiving of sorts… For the first harvest and for their families.  It’s a truly family centered holiday and the traffic tends to be horrible before Chuseok day (Monday this year) and after, but nonexistent on Chuseok. People travel to their homes and pay respect to parents, clean up graves, and honor ancestors.  It’s great! A very thoughtful time to be missing folks at home as they attend Granddads funeral. 
We have received amazing food gifts from our realtor, Bryan’s secretary, and our landlady! Amazing traditional Korean peaches and pears and cookies! 

So, today when my good friend Jiyoung came over we gave her a basket of American food… That will be fun to share with her family tomorrow.  Happy Chuseok Jiyoung!!!
Oh and here’s a kitten from the shelter… To cute not to share!
…and Avi fell asleep with Wolfy ON his face…

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