We have been focusing on Asian history the last few weeks!  It’s lovely that we live in Korea and the names and places are, if not familiar, recognizable. Not sure what my kids would make of a European style castle without all the tiled roofs, dragon paintings, and maze of courtyards.  
Anyway,  it’s been fun.  One more week to go, but here are some things so far!
Zoe’s assigned reading this week was Little Pear.  We used it for all her grammar and writing assignments.  Then we made Tang-hulurs!  They are the boy’s (Little Pear) favorite treat. Chinese candied fruits… Ours were neither haws or red but still tasty and it was fun figuring out how candy is made.  


Hiking past a Shilla dynasty fortress wall in Woraksan.  We learned about the Korea three kingdoms period. 

Top of the gate

Zoe’s Japanese Sumi-e painting turned out better than mine. Check out her grasshopper!!

Avi also gave the ink painting a try

Not really Asia themed, but in science we also made rock crystal candy.  Like I said, candy making has been a fun new experiment.  This went along with our learning about caves and crystal formation in science.

Avi displaying our crafted Chinese lanterns after reading air of fun Chinese stories last week.

Another science pic… Zoe and her friend Katie are prepping some signs for a visit to the Seoul zoo.  We are learning about the world biomes (caves this week) and took pictures with at least two animals from each biome at the zoo.  It was like a scavenger hunt! I printed out those pics for our biomes collage chart. 

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