Camping at Woraksan

Fall is coming!   Days are still warm but nights are cool.  We camped at Woraksan national park this weekend – haven’t been to that one before and a brand new freeway links it up a lot closer than before…. Took us 1.5 hours to get there, which is halved of prior.

Anyway, it was fun.  We picked a decent campsite, swam in the creek, kids fished, went on a short hike, and cooked.  Still it’s hard to get used to Korean camping style.  They mostly come to just BE outside… Doing what they would at home and with home comfort, but as quality time with friends and family.  So it’s not like there are a lot of things TO DO near the campground, and it’s always full of Koreans sitting around cooking, eating, and partying. They don’t go out into the nature, but want to have it around them.  It’s called forest bathing.  Anyway, they were up late!  Earplugs and eyemasks are essential.  But only on the weekends; I’m sure we’d have the place to ourselves tomorrow. 

The kids had a blast all evening running around with the campground kid posse.  Made me recall camping in the states and Zoe making campground friends, except here they play together at night and can’t hear each other over the racket from the grownups. 

Swimming hole by the campground!
Bryan and his cannonball
Avi just loves to fish
The fam out for a hike
Zoe taking some time to read in the hammock
Zoe is also getting quite adept at starting her own fires!
They made a fortress in the mud
Avi is such a great cooking helper

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