Well it’s time for dental checkups!  The kids and I tried a new Korean dental office today and it was great.  They are just up In Osan, and could see all three of us a once, handle all the insurance paperwork, spoke fine English, and were quite fancy!

Avi did not like the spinny cleaner,  but enjoyed his round-the-head X-ray and dentist exam. His teeth are “well lined and no cavities, very nice”.  
Look at all those big boy teeth waiting for their day in the sun!
Zoe loves the dentist and flew back when she was called first.  Her cleaning went well and the dentist checked her over.  No cavities, nice looking teeth, but they are maligned at the front… Obviously, since she still sucks that thumb! She also got sealants on her big molars and her xrays show that her next set of molars are ready to erupt any day now. 
Zoe’s big teeth

My teeth are fine.  No cavities.  I know you don’t actually care about my teeth. My right jaw has been painful lately and the dentist said my right TM joint is pretty inflamed… Can’t wait to see how my Korean meds handle it!? 
Millennium Yonsei Dental in Osan.  Yes!  

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