Avi’s Big Heart

Avi is such a sweet hearted child.  He is often doing things for others and shows concern for his friends in a way that is just so true and deep.

Today, though, he made my day.  In the car on our way to a party he says,
“Mommy when grow up and marry you I’m just going to wear this.”
I respond with, “that’s nice.  You mean your jeans and a tshirt?”
“Yep. And my tops!”  (His high tops shoes we got at the thrift store)

Isn’t he amazingly adorable!  We had fun at the squadron party where the kids all ran around and played in the bar.  Then he was sure to say goodbye to all his friends and give hugs before leaving.  
I got this piece of artwork from him tonight, too!
Not sure if you can read the bottom.  He had Bryan write “dear mommy, please may I marry you, and may I have a birthday on the next day?”
It’s hanging over my pillow. 

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  1. Wow Avi you look so handsome with your new haircut!!! You had lots of attention.
    Kat, I remember when Bryan told me he was going to marry me when he was older��������melts your heart,

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