First Haircut!!!

Finally Avi got his first haircut!  He had been resistant for a long while, but has recently decided he wants “flat” hair.  I’ve offered a haircut before and he’s been wishy washy (and so have I: I love his little curls) Well today was the day!

He woke from nap and wanted to go.  So after a squadron party we headed to the barber shop at the BX.  I told the lady only a little since he just wanted it “flat but not little”.  As she cut, though, he kept requesting more off the sides, as long as his little sideburns stayed long (this is a Korean style).

More off the sides!
Buzzing the edges.

It looks so adorable and he seems like such a little man now.  His hair grows so slowly, so it may be a while til it is cut again.  I’m glad his first cut was to his own liking!!

Finishing up with a wash and head massage.  He got a lot off attention.
What a cute young man!  And daddy was able to come along too, which was special. 

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