PaJoe and Nan

Well, now that they are long gone we have gotten back into our usual routine, but it sorta sucks without them.  I really enjoyed having my parents visit, as did the kids.  We had some relaxing afternoons enjoying quiet time and a busy few days in Seoul.  We biked on base daily.  Avi loved having his grandparents bike him to school, and Zoe enjoyed her lessons with Nan.  It was just fun.  Made me a little jealous of people who live near their parents.  What an easy lifestyle it would be to all take over the parenting!

Oh, well, that’s not our reality. The kids and I certainly did love showing off Korea to my folks.  Dad seemed ready to move here a few times!  Not sure if it was Korea or the air force base.  Maybe both.

So, here are some highlights.  WARNING!  Lots of pictures, and in no particular order as that would’ve just taken forever.   It was so much fun to have you here Nan and PaJoe!

The pumpkin heads arrive!

Nan biking with Avi to school

Getting ready to watch Bryan take off

Bryan in his A-10. No zoom,  this is how close the bike path is.

Mom looking incredible on her borrowed bike.

$1 = 10 minute massage at the BX

backyard time

Eating at Meat Restaurant (that’s the name) in Songtan.

Night on the town.  This is our village.

heading back home on the bike path.

Nan administering a spelling test.

Everland!!  Riding the family coaster

Grandpa Joe LOVED Flash Pang Pang

So did Nan, but NO spinning.

Swim day down at Camp Humphreys…after violin lessons.

The rice was looking scenic, and was all gone a few days later.

a little reminiscing over on the ROKAF side of base where there is an F-4.

Yippee!  we made it to the Dragon Hill Lodge in Seoul

The Korean War memorial and museum

These troop transport tanks were fun
oh I could never be in one of these things when it was moving.

Um,  Dokdo is Korean!… since we live in Korea.

Dad and his buddies getting a briefing

Korean boats and tired kids

Date TIME!

Mom and Dad looking nice for their date at the rotating restaurant in the N Seoul tower.
The evening up Seoul Tower; kids and I just went to the viewing deck.

Seoul Tower was Blue when mom and dad went to the fancy restaurant for their date.  There was also a lunar eclipse!  Perfect evening for it
These kids were in the subway and ready for pictures!
Getting married Korean style at the folk village
Folk village near Namsan in Seoul

Dad and Avi taking a breather at the folk village

classic Dad

lunch in Seoul.  picture menus drew us in.

Dad wants to be the Asahi guy

Myeong Dong in Seoul

The kitty fun begins!
Who is that waygook?

Look at the size of that cat!

Dad is having fun shopping for sleeping boys

still sleeping… still shopping at Namdaemun market in Seoul.  Dad’s back hurt the next day.

Mom joined the kids and I at the Dragon Hill Spa – a big fancy jjimjilbang in Seoul.  It strikes me how tall zoe looks in this picture!

The jjimjil ice room

jjimjil game room

jjimjil cafeteria.

Dad did NOT go to the sauna.  So, he read books when we got back to the hotel.

Seoul Grand Park Zoo.   Mom and her good friend the red panda.

Zoe and Avi enjoying the art at the zoo.
Pushing Avi around the zoo

LIONS!  close up Lions.  and bears that the driver feeds from the bus window.

look at the prairie dogs!

all the grownups got tattoos at the kids’ tattoo studio one evening

Nan is a great music stand.

Afternoon reading and quiet time

Two people working out on their hike.

Nan’s it!

Out for a walk around the neighborhood

Our lovely house.
Dinner at Jiyoungs house!

It was wonderful to go over for dinner.


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