Fall Fun

The weather has been incredible this fall; super warm and dry and sunny.  We have taken advantage by getting out and about a lot, while trying to stay on task with school  We have gotten into a great routine in regards to lessons.

In the morning when I bike Avi to his preschool, Zoe does her morning review work.  Then she and I work on her core subjects (math, reading, writing, grammar, spelling) before we bike in to her specials at the base school: art, music, and PE.  So, that is 3 days a week.  On the other days we can focus more on our core and then we work on projects in the afternoon when Avi gets home.  He likes to join in for Science, History and Art.  After lunch they have free time to enjoy the shortening days, and we all take an hour or so in our rooms for quiet time.

Avi has been requesting to do his own homeschool work lately, too.  He and I are focusing on learning the letter sounds; he is already quite adept at counting so I may start a real math curriculum sometime.  He loves to count and draw volcanoes and has also gotten interested in space shuttles and rockets lately.  It’s fun to see where his interests take him!

Zoe, as always, loves plants and animals.  She and I still go to volunteer at the animal shelter when we can.  It isn’t as easy this year with our schedule, so we tend to go on the weekends.  Out back she has quite a few plant projects going on with her seed collecting, snails, and gardening kits that she creates.  The Hoke green thumb definitely passed on to Zoe.

Zoe and ‘princess’ at the Shelter.  The dog got adopted a few days later.

At the Osan Mulhyanggi arboretum.

We took a field trip to see the fall leaves

…and do some sketches

Zoe really loves nature sketching

Avi like collecting leaves for our press.

Fall in Korea!

Waiting for our subway train back home

Saturday night market downtown. Zoe brought her own money for these little cakes.

chicken, anyone?

Drove up to Seoul one day to bike on the Hangang trail.

Bryan and Avi biking in Seoul
Koreans seem to love seeing Avi bike
look how big!

Making ‘moorish’ stamps for our history lesson.  We have moved on from Asia to Europe in the middle ages, and our recent chapter covered the invasion of Spain by the Moors.


Science experiment time!… and YES it was a PJ day.  We dug a solar sill.

Checking our water collection!  It gathered a good amount in an hour, but tasted funky.

Zoe’s solar cell fan.

Avi and I like to play hide and seek at the playground.  This was his best hiding spot yet!

Bike Rodeo on base.  The kids had to prove they knew bike hand signals.

starting the bike obstacle course

Last weekend our town had a big US-ROK Friendship Festival.  It’s always a fun, crowded event just up over the park from our house.

Avi chose this as his special treat.

This tree!

Zoe’s friend Eliza came over for the afternoon.

Zoe’s Moorish tent and all her loot from conquering Spain.

Avi and his friend Joey.  They go to preschool together.

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