Halloween out the wazoo this year, again!   Bryan and I enjoyed going to the squadron adult party as Jesus and Satan.  It was pretty funny!  Bryan kept quoting the bible. The party was a neat progressive dinner; we followed along as the group moved from apartment to apartment in the big base housing tower.

The kids got a lot of use out of their costumes this year!  Zoe decided to go as Harry Potter, so she wore her outfit for the school ‘storybook parade’ and the Halloween activities here and Camp Humphreys.  We drove down to Humphreys for their Spooky Hallow festival the day before Halloween.

Ready for the school parade…she dressed herself in costume after lunch.

Parade time!

It’s Harry Potter.

Avi wanted to be a vampire bat.  He really likes wearing the bat costume I made for Zoe when she was 4; it’s been in our dress ups.  He loves the wings and insisted on fangs and face makeup!

Avi at Camp Humphreys’ Spooky Hallow

Beanbag toss

For Avi’s preschool, he needed to dress like a storybook character.  Well, we don’t have a vampire bat book, so he chose to be a dinosaur from the Dinosaur Cove book series.  These are chapter books he enjoys. Aunt Beppy made this knit dino costume for Zoe a while ago!
Halloween Night!  It was a bit rainy.

As in other years, we went to the Halloween trick or treating at the BX.  The kids walk from table to table and get their candy.  A lot of the organizations on base have tables set up, and some activities and stuff.  It’s pretty fun and has become our tradition. Plus, we are right there at the food court for some dinner at Taco bell in between candy.

Trick or Treating!

Avi got a balloon sword made!

Zoe got a doggy

Halloween dinner.

We were home to light our jack o lanterns, go through the candy, and watch Harry Potter the movie.

Look at that haul!

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