Mystery solved

Last spring and old lady that I think is our landlord… Well our landlords’ mom… Dropped off some tiny seedlings for me to plant in my garden.

I had been working out back clearing my “claim” on the vacant lot and she came by with three little plants.  They favored a squash or gourd or maybe cuke.  Something viney but sturdy with big ole leaves.  
Well,  they puttered all spring and then in the summer heat everything else was crispy and near dead they decided to explode!  They vines all over the place? Nearly took over my beans, and I ended up building a few tripod towers for them.

Then, they fruited!  At first I assumed they were cucumbers and picked one early.  It tasted nasty and was full of seeds.  I though I was eating a raw summer squash.  So I waited for a few to ripen, or at least get bigger.  Not sure how to tell when they were done or not I picked a few at varied times and tried cooking one in butter.  It was nasty.  NOT a squash.
So I gave up on them, trimmed it back and planted some winter cabbage.  Well the dumb thing went nuts with fruiting again… So now the rest of the garden is almost done and these things are still there rotting on the vine.
Well, I have one to the bunnies a month ago and they don’t like it either!  BUT it did give me a clue…. It rotted and molded and left behind a carcass!!
So here is a picture, though the leaves have shriveled.  We had our first frost. 
Any ideas, yet?  Here is the fruit!
And here is what it does when left out to get dry crackly and rotten.
So, what is it??
A loofa!!!
Verified by a Korean friend who came over on Saturday for a party.  I thought it looked like a loofa in the end, but had no idea thy grew in vines and looked like gourds!  Now you All know what you are getting for Christmas…. Garden fresh homegrown loofa to scrub yourself clean. 
I have 14 drying on the porch but had thrown away countless others.  I guess my compost heap will grow its own next year! 

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