Well I messed up Zoe’s specials schedule but it worked out in the end.  You see,  it’s the new quarter at the base elementary school which means they switch around the days of the specials… I suppose that keeps it fair with Mondays and Fridays being the go-to days off.

Anyway,  I got the new schedule and accidentally looked at the wrong Siira.  Zoe’s assigned teacher,  Dr Siira , is married to another teacher called Mrs. Siira.  The specials schedule just lists them by last name an initial.  I mixed them up.

So we biked into the school on Wednesday to find another class at music and I finally put it all together.  Wrong day!  With that figured out we decided to grab some to-go lunch from the BX and go bike on the new trails. 

The river just north of the base just got a new bike trail that is quick and easy (ish) to pedal to from our house.  There is one short section of dodgy road so I put Avi’s bike on mine until we got there.
We headed west on the bike trail and made it all the way to the plce we dropped the bunnies last year.  The kids were excited about this so we tromped through the tall but dying grasses to the same spot, sat and had our picnic.  No bunny sitings.  Zoe figured they were in their burrows or migrated down stream.

The kids fished a bit and we wandered but didn’t see any other signs of bunnies.  What a pleasant day!  It’s been cold at night but warming for the afternoon. 

On the way out we were covered in burrs but that was OK as we’ve been learning about grassland biomes this week.  Burrs are part of the cycle. Of course now I’ve got clothes on the back deck that need the burrs picked out … Away from my garden…., but it was fun!

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