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Christmas spirit

We preordered a Christmas tree from the Boy Scouts this year an found out their deal fell through.  So, the base will be without fresh cut trees this year.  Bummer, evaluate we really enjoyed all the needles to sweep daily and how quickly it went up in flames out back last year.

Oh well… 
Decided to get into the spirit early since he first two weeks of December will find bryan at work for an excercise – sleeping over and working weekends even.  Basically, he won’t be around.

Visited a cool indoor market up in Seoul. It was neat and packed, but still everything is sold piece by piece so it ends up pricey and to itsy poo for me. Kids loved it and we each bought a special ornament.

At home we have already delved into cookie making and put up our cute Korean-bought fake tree.  It looks super skimpy without decor but turned awesome fully packed! 
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