The Hale Koa

The flight home tomorrow was changed to roll call super early and now includes two stops in Guam and Japan.  So,  we packed up camp today and I booked a night at the only available military hotel: the fancy Hale Koa resort on Waikiki.  Our last minute rate is actually cheaper than hotels I could find nearer the airport! And we showered out the sand… Ahh

We spent the morning surfing at Kamana beach near the marine corps base.  The waves were bigger and nice.  It’s tougher wth a short board to stand – only got up once but it was fun!   Zoe did great getting to her knees; she is a natural surfer.  I would also put Avi on the board on his belly and road in quite a bit.  He loved it. I got board rash pretty bad from helping the kids.  

We returned the boards to the marine corps outdoor rec, got some mcdonalds, and vacuumed all the sand out of the van; it was filthy. Then we drove to the Hale Koa.  It’s super fancy and we have an amazing view in the 13th floor.  Definitely they gave us an upgrade.  

Swam in the pool.  Played at the playground and listened to the Pearl Harbor Day canons going off.  There is also a parade but I haven’t the energy. We will chill out here tonight – after a quick (I hope) drive to the pax terminal at Hickam to sign up for the virtual roll call.  This is new; they will email me if I make the flight instead of waking to arrive at the crack of dawn.  I hope it works.  

Watching the sun set over Waikiki beach isn’t half bad! 



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