Caribbean Bay

Bryan had a bonus day off Monday after a big two week long exercise, so we took advantage of his time and went to Caribbean Bay.  One free visit came with our season passes to Everland this year, which was great since it’s expensive!  In the winter much of the park is closed since it’s outside, but the inside portion is large and we had a great time.

Amazingly the lazy river was heated and running outside!  It started inside and went out around the entire (closed) outdoor park. The amazing part was that it snowed on us, too!!   Best, though, were the outdoor hot tubs.   Avi and I went round and round the river many times.  He also loved the kiddo slides.  Zoe, though, was a slide fanatic.  There were some pretty fast and dark; so much so we had to cross legs and arms.  It was a fun day!

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