Christmas Activities!

This season has been a whirlwind, but we have had the opportunity to get into the Christmas spirit with parties and concerts and time with friends…

We put our tree up just before Thanksgiving to get an early start.  I found out the boy scouts were not selling live trees this year, so we decided to put up the fake tree early.  I figured we would be heading to Hawaii and this would give us some extra tree time.

Ever since that we have been deep into Christmas.  School has continued, but with Santa hats and cookie baking time built in!

Zoe participated in the yearly holiday concert with her music class at the elementary school. She sang “Light a Candle” and “December is a time for love”.  It was adorable, and she wore her super special Christmas dress that Nan and Grandpa Joe sent.

The early December snow then gave us some fun indoor time making pomanders and popcorn strings for the birds.


After we returned from Hawaii it was time for St. Nicklaus day.  The kids anticipated it and tried to catch Santa in the act; they had a sleepover in the living room downstairs after putting their shoes out in the entry way.   They didn’t catch him, but still woke to find some gold coins and special candy and ornaments from Germany.

Then the parties started!   And this year it was the squadron party first.  This was one thing I didn’t want to miss; and made sure we were back from Hawaii for it.  The dress code was formal OR ugly sweater.  Bryan had a ladies zip up sweater from the thrift store, but I had forgotten to secure my own.  So, I wore a dress with our tree skirt as a poncho….it’s a family made knit!   Surprisingly comfy and warm!!   Bryan won the ugly sweater, and got a nice blue knit scarf.  I got a new blanket for a “find a quarter” competition.  and then the White Elephant gift exchange landed us a new fun game called Cards against Humanity.  We almost had a horse head mast, but that was stolen…. Bryan lost it in an arm wrestling match.  It was a super fun night!  We came home to find our babysitter Jiyoung on the couch with both kiddo’s snuggled up sleeping.  It was so adorable.  They love her!


At home we spent a fun evening baking our own Gingerbread to make houses.  This has become a tradition for us; the kids look forward to making it from scratch.  They help me bake it, and then I cut it up and we try to engineer some little houses.  Bryan helped and had the genius idea of using some toothpicks to support the icing mortar.  Avi’s house is simply covered with icing and candy, while Zoe’s is very tidy.

At Avi’s school there was a fun “Carols and Cookies” event.  The kids did a cute dance-along song and then sat down to sing a few Christmas songs.  Avi is adorable.  During the dance-along he was just hysterical!  He certainly likes music and feels it in his whole body….he not only touched his toes but added some dancy dance to it.   He also sang all the songs very well.  Super cute.  After the singing, we all went to another room where the kids decorated cookies with icing and sprinkles. 

The squadron’s kids Christmas party was another hit!  There were craft tables, and a potluck.  Both kids delved right in!   Then Santa arrived… via A-10 as usual.  Though, this year his flight was pre-recorded since the party wasn’t at the squadron.  Zoe has been doubting santa lately; she knows the gifts are from us.  BUT, she was smitten when he showed up.  Avi was so excited when his name was called and jumped right up on Santa’s lap.  He told Santa he wanted a kitty for Christmas.  Then, Zoe told Santa she wanted a Wookie!   We have been watching Star Wars lately.  Both kids got a book.  Again it was a fun party and a great time to catch up with friends.


In the evening it was time for the kids’ violin recital.   Zoe has been practicing hard for this; Avi not so much.  But they both did great.  I know they were nervous, but both did amazing walking up the stage on their own, taking a bow, and playing their piece.  They also did quite well listening to all the other kids!

Avi played the first stanza of Twinkle Twinkle.  Zoe played Jingle Bells.

Today at our house we had another party with a big group of friends.   This is our annual party, and we all look forward to it.   It’s potluck, but Bryan also buys a “holiday meal to go” from the O-club.   We eat and play games and have a white elephant; then Santa visited.  It’s an all day event, and super fun.  I love all the leftovers!

So, we are excited for Christmas to come this year.   It snowed again today, but we are hoping for more….enough to sled again.  It’s hard to believe there are only a few days left!

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