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New Years

We had a relaxing New Years at home.  Bryan went to a meeting and we watched the NY Rockettes show in netflix.  Throughout the night we watched fireworks and celebrations from other countries as midnight approached us.

The New Zealand fireworks were impressive.  Zoe noted how big a city Auckland was and I agreed; I visualized it smaller, but they shot fireworks off a huge space needle!
Australia was the best, though, because we got to be on TV!  The hosts of the show asked for tweets from people watching the live internet feed, so I did!  I sent my first real picture tweet to Australia and then about a half hour later they showed it on TV!  Super fun. Their fireworks were also incredible all choreographed along Sydney’s harbor bridges.
When is was midnight here we turned on our tv and left the computer showing the celebration in Tokyo. They released hundreds of balloons and went intot the temple for wishes. Here in Korea they bang a giant drum up in Seoul; the Josengak. We went one year with aunt Bethany; I remember it being a wild party with people shooting fireworks over the crowd.  This year it seemed a solemn affair. Then the show cut over to president Parks New Years statement.
The next day we slept in and stayed in our PJs.  On Friday though we did a family day.  Bryan took Zoe skiing while Avi and I had a day together.  We bikes into base to eat at Chilis and go bowling; then we picked a movie from the library and biked home.  It was blustery bitterly cold. I had him bundled so he couldn’t even speak.
Zoe did great skiing.  Her boots were a bit tight so at first it was slow going.  But once she got the hang of her snowplow she was having a great time.  Bryan said it was crowded too,  with Koreans doing their typical selfie-stick picture thing laying on the slope!  I guess Zoe did great job navigating those living obstacles.
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