Angkor Wat

Ahhh. Our final day in the tuk tuk seeing temples.  It was wonderful and exhausting.  Wet took us to the biggie, Angkor Wat, first where we tried to avoid the crowds by going in along the side and seeing he famous panels from the reverse tour route.  It is massive and gorgeous.  The kids were tired of carvings soon into it,  but didn’t tire of looking for Buddhas and apsaras.

I walked to the steep top tower area which was too steep for kids: they weren’t allowed.  The view was wonderful. And the main temple was actually four small ones facing each direction. 

From there we went to a temple I hadn’t visited last time: Preh Khan.  It was apparently a university and is awesome. Still in a good amount of ruin with trees and plants and amazing corridors to explore.  The kids loved it!  We had to take turns being “follow the leader” so no one would get lost. There were tiny dark alcoves and even bats. 

We got (overpriced) lunch at a stand and continued to our final temple called Ta Prohm.  This was the purposely left-in-the-jungle temple I loved last time.  Now, however,  it’s unbelievably crowded.  It is still pretty with the giant strangler dog trees growing out of the walls, but the new rebuilding efforts and board walkways took away from the adventure…. And let in the hoards. We got some cool pictures and did enjoy it, but it made me appreciate the Angkor I saw 6 years ago even more.  
Back in the hotel in the late afternoon we napped until dusk.  Then we walked to the local Wat again to visit our kitty friends one more time.  I was surprised to find the monk there… His classes are later today.  We chatted and he said he has 6 years left of schooling at the monastery and then he hopes to go to the US or Canada for university.  The two kittens, Violet and Clover, were there and appreciated the hotdogs we brought from breakfast. It was quite dark by the time we left. 
Through the market we bought me a new pair of flip flops,  I already miss my old ones-  they were so worn in. We had dinner again at the outdoor cafe with the delicious pumpkin chicken soup, and finished our last day in Siem Reap with a family visit to get a massage. Aahhhhh. Perfect ending.
The ladies always love Avi – he was picky about choosing his masseur.  She was one who we met the other night. 

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