Ko Samet

Well this place hasn’t changed!!! They did get an ATM, but that’s about it.  Service is still slow, food a bit pricey,  hit or miss wifi only at the restaurant, and too-thin curtains.  But,  it’s the best beach ever!

Sametville has it’s own awesome stretch of beach that is perfect for a family.  It’s not wide, which means we can relax or even build castles in the shade of some lovely natural trees… Even jump out of the tree swings into the water when the tide is in.  I know people like huge wide beaches, but not me.  Much better a small beach with plenty of shade AND sun and nice super soft sand.

So that is where we have been for two days.  On Sametville beach…Ao Wai. We wake for the yummy breakfast buffet, pocket a few pancakes, and claim a spot in the sand.  The place is far from crowded. This morning Avi and Bryan went out to work on a project they were whispering about all day yesterday and came back with hand made shell necklaces for Zoe and I!

Yesterday we parked ourselves by the low trees; today we are near the tall trees with a big swing.  It’s relaxing… Building castles, going for a swim, jumping off the floating dock out in the deep part.  

We have taken a few walks around to the rocky points on either side.  The tide pools seem empty now,  and there is lots of coral washed up which seems unhealthy.  Still, it’s gorgeous.  Around the south headlands we even found a smaller beach Avi dubbed Sea Glass beach because he found lots for his collection.  Zoe likes to gather shells and make intricate waterworks in the sand.  
In the late afternoon we head back to our little cottage for some school lessons, reading and a nap.  

Evenings are much the same, though the water isn’t quite warm enough for night swimming (for me). Maybe the kids take a dip in the pool. We get dinner at the restaurant, walk around and look for the kitties, find some shells, whatever.  Our first night there were some boys (like 12-14 year olds) doing a great fire twirling show for donations.  It was the best we’ve seen – even at more formal places.


We have two whole days here plus the evening we arrived and half day when we go.  It’s a good amount of time but as always I wish it could be longer.  Love Sametville; even with its weird quirks. 

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