In our travels it was tough for our new vegetarian to find things to eat.  There is a lot of meat in SE Asia, but also a lot of eggs as an option.  But since Zoe has claimed to not like eggs for a long time it was tough for her.

So, when we got back we were talking about that and she thought we should try all the different ways.  That is what we did today!  We listed 13 different ways to make eggs and tried most.  I LoVe my Joy of Cooking book for all the detailed info on basics like eggs.  It’s so informative!! Like, that stringy thing in an egg has a name… Don’t remember it, but still! She discovered she DOES actually like eggs: especially hard boiled and over-hard.
We are also experimenting with a hyacinth. Trying to see if the roots feed certain parts of the flower or blend. Half our roots are in red water and half in blue.
It was also time for our weekly volcano. Avi loves volcanos and will fill and refill this thing for an hour.  Give him baking soda and vinegar and he is a happy kid. 

So that was our fun sciencey day after vacation.

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