Hwacheon Ice festival

Spent last weekend at the Hwacheon Ice festival with some friends!   It was a great time… We sledded around on the frozen river,  ate mountain trout, enjoyed the ice carvings and slide.  Zoe and I even got to zip line across the river!

To top it all off, we stayed in a train car!  There is a whole train parked along the river.  We rented one of the ondol (floor sleeping) rooms and shared with our friends – a younger couple who happen to be the aunt and uncle of Zoe’s friend Katie who moved away in the fall.  Such a small world.  It’s the kids’ korea aunt Sarah and uncle Matt  🙂

Bryan spent a couple mornings out ice climbing too.  Here is a new activity for him that I (for once) am disinterested in.  He had a blast, though.  And the kids played around on the frozen river.  It was warm enough and pleasant to watch him chip his way up a gigantic frozen waterfall!

The rest of the week was occupied with schoolwork and projects.  I finally have a spelling program Zoe is exited about.  It’s called “Spelling Power”.  We are also learning about the Mongols!  Spent one whole afternoon playing knucklebones with the bones our host family gave us in mongolia!  Zoe loves this and chess we learned recently too.

The weather has been warmish and sunny so we have been out on the bikes a couple times.  Avi is improving on his new bigger bike, and is almost ready for base trips!  He needs reminding on occasion to pull the lever brakes but is otherwise quite adept.  

Snacks and sketchbooks 

We even got to go to another fini flight. Seems a lot of friends are leaving recently. It’s always a fun thing to see someone’s last flight… They get hosed down!  

Lastly we have been crafting as usual. Avi is coming into his own with this – he enjoys pastels and library story time art.  Though he will complain if the stories are cut short for other kids who can’t sit still; then I need to read with him all the books before he will look at the craft table.  

That is it!  We are all a bit on edge with apprehension about finding out our next assignment.  It’s in the back o our heads and conversations a lot…. Hopefully we know soon. Korea has been great but we are ready to move on, even if just mentally for another few months. 

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