Candy and coasters

This week has gone quickly!!  Avi has a runny nose and had been moodier than usual… If that is possible.  Bryan was flying nights so he has been around in the morning helping with Avi.

Zoe spent her free time making Valentine’s for the class she joins at the base school.  Friday we all went to a fun homeschool valentine party and then Zoe went to the school for lunch and another party!  Best of both worlds.

Avi requested an Everland visit, so we went on Wednesday having not been for a long while.  Turned out to be a great sunny warmish day with few crowds.  He rode the train coaster 3 times in a row and we all had fun sledding.

it was so empty we had the tulips to our selves.  Zoe rode her own.

Poor kid!  I cant ride with her and leave avi alone, so Zoe braved the X train on her own.  She was a champ!  It has 4 loops!

up the hill to sled



Zoe and I spent an afternoon with her candy making book again. This week we tried salt water taffy!  It turned out great.  So good we wrapped it up for her valentines!


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