We all spent a fun but tiring day at Kidzania for the Presidents’ Day off.  The place is super cool! We all check in like we are traveling to another country and even walk through a little airport arrivals area.  Then it’s upstairs into a giant fake indoor city where they can try their hand at tons of different jobs.
Each job experience is 20-30 minutes and start at similar intervals with a specific number if kids- so there is often a wait. 
I spent the day with Zoe – it was our seasonal mommy-daughter date – while Bryan took Avi around.  Our shift was from 10a-3pm and Zoe got to do 5 jobs in that time while Avi did 4 (he and Bryan stopped for lunch while Zoe and I starved).  So, it’s fun, but also a good bit of waiting – especially for parents who really do nothing but take pictures.  Regardless,  the kids loved it.
Zoe started with making ice cream creations at baskin Robbins and then going across the street to work construction laying bricks.  She acted as a chocolate bar in a theatre perperformance and also learned how to be in the army special ops.  Lastly she worked at the lotte hotel.  I think her favorite was special ops; navigating lasers and jumping over barrels.  
Avi chose to be an airline pilot, and joined the firefighting team putting out the ever- burning old hotel.  This was his favorite!  They got to ride a mini fire truck through town to be scene and the  douse the “fire” and smoke with hoses.  He also was a policeman and worked at the construction site. 

Toward end time they both used their earned money for some small lego vehicles at the lotte department store. 
Both were exhausted and fell asleep on the drive home!  It was a great special way to spend the rainy day – especially since they were running a package deal on the website.

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