Another lunar new year is upon us!  This year we are way less excited than usual.  Bryan and I really want to know our next assignment.  I feel it’s creates this sense of malaise about everything.  I attempt to avoid the kids feeling the same.

Anywho,  our studies of the Mogolian empire, Marco Polo and then the Ming have coincided, which is great.  We’ve finished reading a book called Kat and Emperors Gift, plus You wouldn’t want to travel with Marco Polo.  The kids love these “you wouldn’t want to” books.
We have also watched The Adventures of Young Marco Polo on Netflix,  which is a great little Canadian series.  Fictional in that Marco is a kid but realistic in the geographical sense of where he goes.
Finally we studied the famous Korea painter Byeon Sang-byeok from the joseon dynasty – a bit later, but we will be leaving asian studies for a while so fun!   Here the kids are trying their hand At Byeons gorgeous cat paintings.  My favorite Korean artist!!  

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