We rode space-a to Dover last friday where mom and dad picked us up.  So we spent just over a week in PA visiting family and surprising folks.

It was a relaxing time and nice to see the states after nearly 2 years.  The shopping overwhelmed me at first, with so much stuff in every store … especially craft things and books that are hard to find. In the end I did get a few things. 
We spent most days playing out in the fresh air and doing some schoolwork.  One day it was warm and springish and the next it snowed 6+ inches!  We had a blast sledding and then it warmed again. 
Of course the most exciting thing was news from Bryan that he knows our next assignment.  It’s at the NATO school in Spain!  I don’t think the news has really sunk in. 
A week later and we found ourselves at BWI trying for a spot on the rotator to Ramstein.  Mom and dad waited with us as the 156 seats weren’t a shoe in.  In fact, it filled up!  And we were aboard, ready for our next continent and a visit with Bethany. 
Waiting for roll call at the bwi uso

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