Spring weather

The last two times I visited Bethany in Germany it was spring break and Easter time.  The weather was beautiful, warm, and sunny. I suppose I just figured that was spring here. Not so.  This go around … after getting here via space-a from korea, no less …. The weather is crappy. It’s not just cold and windy and rainy, it’s also apparently impossible to predict.

We’ve made the best of it though.  Instead of trips to castles, parks and trails we have visited the local museums, popped into the bakery, and caught up with old friends.  My friend Erin and her family live here – her kids even get to go to Bethany’s amazing international school. We met up twice to chat and let the kids play. It was like old times.

A highlight has been a visit to Bethany’s school.  We hung out in her library all day, joined story time, played on the playground, and had lunch.  Zoe even got to join her friend Saffran (they were babies in Tucson) in the second grade class for the afternoon.  It was wonderful!
We also got to hang out with Bethany’s boyfriend Walter, go see a chocolate museum in Koln with an author, visit an animal museum at the university, and scoot around town for groceries and fun… In between the rain.  
The kids are loving visiting with bethany and the kitties.  Avi and Luka have a nightly brushing ritual and Zoe is being paid to keep the litterpan tidy.  We have played a lot of board games; especially loving Ticket to Ride. They had a blast at the Shaun the sheep movie, and we plan to go to Phantasialand when the weather clears.  
Boosters and beer at the movies!

Spring seems to want to burst out of all the flowering trees that line the roads. There are bulbs blooming in pots, and the kids helped Bethany make her Easter tree.  Now,  just get sunny!

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