History Birthday!

A couple weeks ago we realized that all the kids’ friends are also leaving this summer, and many of them BEFORE us!  So, we passed out invitations and began getting excited for a joint birthday party.  Zoe has been talking about her birthday plans for months…. willie wonka for a while, but then she came up with a fun history party.  On her own during quiet time one day she made a cute little chart labelling what part of history each room in the house could be.  Avi love the idea, too, as long as his room could be Mesopotamia and he replaced a room with an Egypt theme.  With a little more brainstorming together we came up with simple activities that could be done in each room, then Zoe created a Travel Passport I photocopied for each guest when they arrived.  In each part of history that they visited, the kids could do an activity and get a sticker in their passport.

We spent a few afternoons painting some long paper murals to create the different parts of history, and had to make our pinatas from scratch since the BX has been out for weeks. It was a perfect time for preparation as we had been doing standardized testing all morning last week, so afternoons at home lazing and crafting was fun.

Birthday morning was super fun finishing up the decor.  Zoe was so excited to be hostess, and Avi was so excited his friends were coming over to enjoy.   Here are the different rooms they visited…not in this order…. they went chronologically.

The airport arrivals

Dinosaur Times where they popped balloons with their bum and retrieved those bathtime spongy growing pills that are dino’s

Roman Times – food, and Zoe colored pics of all the gods.

Egypt where they colored pictures of Bastet.

Mesopotamia Dance Party – where Avi had the They Might Me Giants Mesopotamia and Istanbul songs on for dancing

Middle Ages Castle  where they made shields

Barbarian Mongolian Yurt where they ate their food and played some board games

Pinatas out in barbarian times….these were so messy to make.

I think it went great!  Everyone had a lot of fun.  Again, we did no gifts as the kids don’t need anything AND it’s quite far from their actual birthdays.  The animal shelter didn’t need anything this year, either so we didn’t do donations; just come and have fun!

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  1. The History Birthday party looks great. Zoe, you did a great job planning the whole affair and Avi your decorations were beautiful. Wish I could have been there to see it all.

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