Avi is so funny.  He fills me with joy daily, but is also a glorious whiner.

He walks with a swagger.
He loves vehicles of all kinds.
He is nearly always intent on destruction 
He is forever climbing up things and jumping from ever increasing heights.
He falls a lot.
He is generous with hugs.
He needs snuggle buggle time daily.
He has a song and background music going in his head, I’m convinced.
He pushes and shoves.
He likes to be the bad guy tiger or dino and chase kids.
He likes small places and will cram into the tiniest of boxes.
He is amazing on anything wheeled.
He can dance.
He likes his hair flat.
He still touches his belly button when he sleeps.
He complains about food and TV.
He asks to go on a bike ride or camping near daily.
He loves pink. 
He is amazing! 

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