Concerts and Field Trips

Zoe has been having a great end of school year joining the rest of her class at the spring concert, a field trip to the science museum, and field day!

Her concert was nice.  The second grades sang Rose Rose, Kookaburra, and Come and Let us Play and Sing.  She seemed in her element on stage enjoying an audience.

She went on the school field trip to the science museum, and took our old camera, so I will post some of her pictures here.  Highlights were experiencing a hurricane in a giant room with rain and wind, and a giant electricity tower that made lightening bolts!

The gang
um, selfie with garfield
she took lots of pictures out the bus, “to remember Korea”
Her teacher and another friend!

Field day started out rainy, but it cleared out and was still awesome.  There was a giant beach ball, military vehicles, and ambulance, and police car to explore, plus all the relay races and water contests imaginable.

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