Moving Day!

There comes a time that every assignment comes to an end, and today was the beginning of the end. Only two packers came in the morning, but by the end of the whole thing there were ten guys at our house loading up the trucks and hauling away all our belongings! We filled 11 crates, including one made a foot longer just for our special mother of pearl wardrobe topper.

The kids were excited and playing hide and seek at the beginning, but by the end, the chaos ensued and we just sat and watched. 

The first box
There was some extra bubble wrap just for the kids
Lunch break!  We went to Mr. Kabob… per Avi’s last days in Korea list
Here is all our stuff in the “NO PACK” laundry room.  Living out of suitcases and duffles for the next couple months.
Nap time before the packers came upstairs
Zoe was kind of a spazz all day.  I send her to Harmony mart for coffee.
Watching the A-10s.  Bryan and I sat around out back for a while having coffee while there were only two packers.
He found a baby mantis
Avi helped in his room – kept handing the packer his precious items for wrapping.
upstairs playroom done!
living room is getting full.  See they put boxes around all the furniture so it doesn’t get scratched.  US movers could learn from this!
They brought the elevator truck to send supplies up and boxes down
getting a bit lost
The back porch stuff is packed!
Avi kept trying to find a special spot to hide
All the movers arrived!  Time for a choco pie break before the blitz loading.
Getting the crates ready!  Hopefully the neighbors don’t need to come home.
Sending boxes down the elevator truck from the second floor
oh, paperwork time
One night camping on the floor.

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