Seaweed, Dinosaurs, and the greatest Isle in Korea

I so wish I had time to type this up…. maybe later when life isn’t so busy.  But, the kids and I had a wonderful road trip last week.  After visiting the beaches and bamboo forests we headed south to the island of Wando where we learned about seaweed a the Seaweed Center: it was a great museum!  I’m always so impressed with Korean museums.  From there we drove on the local roads toward Jindo island, but stopped mid way when we saw a sign for a dinosaur fossil sight.  Being only 3km off the road meant we were definitely taking a detour.  And it was incredible!  Again, I could type and type about this cool place.  It was fossil footprints of dinos and even pteranadons, plus outdoor exhibits and an incredible museum that would cost and arm and leg elsewhere.  Here, it was $4 for the three of us.  We spent HOURS!   We did finally make it to Jindo just in time to see the Jindo Dog center before it closed. Cute overload.  Found a hotel for the night after driving around a bit looking for a seaside camp site.  The island is huge and mountainous, so no luck on beach camping.

The next morning we drove to Gwanmaedo.  Again, this place was incredible.  What a great final trip in Korea.  We camped at the beach, hiked the trails, found treasures in the sand, and scooter-ed around the adorable village. It was a 2+ hour ferry ride to this place at the edge of nowhere, and it certainly felt like it.  so nice.

So short on time….. here are pics instead.


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