After one week here, Bryan vied for the task of driving to Valencia to retrieve the mail.  All the folks at his detachment get their American mail via a shared address: it comes into a navy/army support unit about 2 1/2 hours away.

We made the day of it… Got the mail from the little US compound within a spanish base, and then hit up IKEA for some lunchee and shopping.  Avi has been excited to get a few special things for his room. 

After that, it was the beach!  Solar beach, I think.  It was pretty crowded, but fun to people watch and lounge. Spanish folks are certainly not concerned with covering up, as were the Koreans.  That was so nice… I always felt selfconscious and underdressed even in a one piece in Korea; now I fit in well (almost too covered up) in a bikini.  So nice to wear as little as possible when it’s so hot!  Zoe had to agree; she loves the bottoms only style.

Bryan and the kids had a blast jumping the waves and getting rolled around.  I think boogie boards would be great here! Then it was castle time when more jelly fish started washing up. 

The drive home felt quicker than the way out. Again we passed a lot of nothing and then tiny towns with fortresses or castles on hilltops. 

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