Birthday Boy

Avi turned five recently and though we had his party a couple months ago with friends before departing Korea, we still had a bit of a celebration. We even put up some fun sparkly streamers from our new favorite store: Hiper Zn…. A chinese import place that puts Walmart cheapness to shame.

In the morning Zoe presented him with the gifts she bought – her generosity amazes me sometimes.  A playmobil guy, some toy dinos and a cool model of a British bus which was halfway put together by the time I got home.  

I woke early to stand in a hundreds- deep line to sign up the boy for swim lessons.  After an hour,  I had a number (200), and went to home wait a couple hours.   Sad birthday boy and sister had to accompany me back over to the gym  later in the morning when I thought my timing was right…. No so!  We spent another two hours waiting before my number came up,  but luckily there was still space in my first choice class time.  So,  he is signed up for the whole year.   The kids earned ice cream for that log wait.  
Zoe read this entire book while we waited.

In the afternoon we swam in our pool and had cake and opened gifts from Bryan and I.  Watched some shows in the hot afternoon and then went out for dinner at night.  

His choice of restaurant was closed… But we found an even better cafe with an adjacent playground that he declared delicious! 


Happy fifth big boy! 

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