The Stuff is here!

Well we got our household goods!  Woohoo!  They called Tuesday evening to bring a few things early and then came back at the crack of dawn Wednesday to finish the delivery.  Bummer for all: the big truck with crates would not fit down our road.  So they parked out of town, opened the crates, loaded our junk into a couple smaller vans, and then delivered it.  Lots of extra work for them, but they seemed quite ready to take breaks when the van was retrieving a new load or at mid morning snack or again at lunch and smoke time and they were promptly done by dinner…spanish dinner at 830PM. They were great!  Placed everything (but some pesky wardrobes that wouldn’t fit through our oddly small garage access door) and put together all the furniture and even unpacked all but a handful of boxes that I wanted left.

The korean wardrobes went in the window.
Deciphering the korean numbers was a bit of a challenge…. As was figuring out what was written on the side.  The movers got a kick out of seeing the Hangul and thought it was neat I could sound it out (which still didn’t help us understand contents)
The old men who play bocce across the street everyday did not seem bothered by all the commotion.  The movers claimed the good parking spots with empty boxes while they were gone for more loads. 

The kiddos spent Tuesday evening and all day Wednesday at a friends house swimming and playing.  I was so proud to hear they were very well behaved.  Thursday was a whirlwind of unpacking and organizing; I kind of forgot where that day and the next went!  We did go out on Friday morning to grab a few things and then another family came and “abducted” the kids for the afternoon.  It was so nice to have alone time to get things situated. I am so much more efficient that way!   I’ve spent a few evenings over at their house too… They have graciously fed me and the kids a few times.  It’s so nice to have friends around the corner!
So, after a productive weekend I can say that the house is mostly in order.  Nothing on walls yet, and a basement workshop that I will leave for Bryan, but otherwise it’s feeling a lot like home!

There have been joyful moments like opening the food stash bins that I prepacked with hard to get Asian or American items.  Zoe was also ecstatic for every one of her knickknacks and the playmobil toys,  while Avi was outside with his diggers in the rocks and begging for his bike.  We took an afternoon off for a lovely bike ride on our much-missed cycles….followed a mystery bike trail to find a huge park and BMX track at the end of it!  The best, by leaps and bounds, though, has been the good night’s sleep I get on our tempurpedic mattress!!!!! Even with two snuggle bugs who aren’t ready to try new bedrooms yet. 

Taking a break.

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