When in Spain…

With the house mostly put away and feeling a bit nuts with all that, we took a few day mini break.  First we drove to Murcia so I could hit up IKEA, also since Avi has been asking to go to “the store with the meatballs” for a while.  I loaded up on randoms for the house: light fixtures for hanging wires, curtain rods, etc…  Avi spent his hour in Smaland while Zoe was pretty angry she is now too tall.  But she was a help pushing the cart and choosing things.

We continued our adventure south to the coast where we found some cool rock formations near Bolnuevo and then drove the coolest sketchy seaside dirt road ever.  It hugged the cliffy coast up and down the hills.  We were on a mission to find the perfect little beach, and nearly did! Passed a lot of natural little inlets where the cliffs gave way to a tiny piece of land, but they were mostly pebble; one was a sandy beach but was too packed. 

Then we got to the end of the road and found a beautiful little beach with only two other couples and a dude with his dog.  This is in a “natural” area, and all but the dog guy were just that … au natural.  I felt pretty overdressed in my bikini! So I joined Zoe in her love for ridding herself of the top.  Yep, I did it!  Just casually went topless at the naturist beach where the two nude couples got a kick out of the kids attempting to boogie board.  Zoe even went full nude after she go too much sand up her crotch.  A free spirit, that one.  Avi wasn’t taking his off for more than an occasional sand rinsing. Neither even noticed or commented on nakedness, but no one else was really walking around… just lounging and getting their sun. 

Anyway, once we (I) acclimated to the dress code we had a blast.  Kids made sand castles and swam and rolled in the surf that did get a bit rough at the end of the day. But the water was so warm and nice!  By the evening we were the only ones on the beach so I finally took some pictures.
Put my sundress back on 🙂
That’s our little beach!

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