First Camping in Spain

Last weekend we finally made it out on a camping trip to a spot recommended by one of Bryan’s coworkers – an Italian guy.  It was fun.  We relaxed and read Phantom Tollbooth in the tent while it sprinkled outside.  The kids played in the mud by the little trickle of a creek, and we slept quite soundly in the silence and chilly clear air.  There was one other group at the campround – a few families together – but mostly we were on our own.

Sunday morning we walked up the hill for some rock climbing we put off because of the rain on Saturday.  Unlike in Ayna, the rock here was a bit sharp.  Amazingly, the kids seemed to breeze up the climb while Bryan and I struggled a bit. They are becoming quite good!  At first Zoe did not want to climb, but instead chose to gather wood for our firepit at home.  We are hoping to find some marshmallows sometime and roast them, but so far they have been elusive.   No open fires allowed at the campground during this time of year, anyway.  At night Avi found a toad he name Rock Toad, who was unfortunately gone in the morning, when Avi woke early to look for him, or we would’ve given him a nice home by our little lotus pond at the house.  We need a bug eater!

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