At home the kitties are officially new members of the fam!  Nutmeg and Ginger had a vet appointment last week, got their shots and chips and the all-important EU passport.  I know! 

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Pets need passports here, but that also doubles for their shot record. Ginger is a super sweet kitty and loves to hang out with Avi and I during the day – laying on the cushions or watching him do schoolwork.  Nutmeg is funny and talkative, always meowing for his meal or to be let outside.  He sleeps with Zoe now that Bryan made her a new ladder for her bed.

reading to Ginger
with his kitty!

Weekends have been fun, too!  We had a get together at our house for all the US families stationed here at the detachment, spent a day hanging out and going to a birthday party where all the Spanish kids seemed more interested in futbol than birthday cake, and then had a wonderful morning rock climbing.  Now, I’m sitting typing and watching a big storm blow by; hoping for a bit of rain here.

A Spanish birthday party seems just as much for the grownups as kids!

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