Avi is becoming a fish!  We went to swim lessons today; he to his group of kiddo’s and me to the beginners group of adults.  I can see him from my group in the pool, and he does great following directions and has a blast.  They began with arm floats, kicking, bubbles, and face-in breathing.  Then they switched to simply holding noodles and jumping in to kick over to the edge.  Near the end I glanced over and saw the instructor tossing kids in with no floatation.  Avi was next and went willingly…he popped back up to the surface and swam over to the ladder after the kid in front of him!  It was great to see.

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My beginner group, in the meantime, is busy learning basic strokes.  The instructor finally figured out that I know how to swim well and was just assigned this group because I had no idea what anyone was asking me.  I’m understanding more and more Spanish daily!  Avi is also, obviously, understanding some in his class.  No English spoken at swim lessons. Anyway, on Wednesday I will move around to a more advanced group and won’t be able to see him from the other pool. I’m confident he will be great!  He is so very excited that he asks daily if it’s a swim lesson day.  He seems to enjoy the social aspect as well, telling me he has new friends and his teacher Elena is very nice.


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