La Rata

The other day Avi and I were exploding  his volcano out back and needed to clean the lava off the patio.  So we turned on the hose and pretended a tsunami came to flush it all down the drain.  I took of the drain cover to really rinse it out well and noticed a weird something down there.

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It was soft and getting all dented when the hose sprayed it.  Seemed gross but big and was clogging the drain,  so I needed to get it out. I got a couple sticks and tried to pull it out but the squishy black covering peeled off to reveal a boney tail.  Ewwwwww.  It was a dead rat!!!
Eventually, I was able to grasp a chunk of nasty half decomposed rat body without the flesh peeling away.  I had it chopstick-style between two sticks and attempted to give it a toss over the back fence hedge which is about 12 feet high.  It flew alright; right into the tree behind our fence.  No one lives there. It’s a vacant lot.
So, there is a nasty dead rat still stuck up in the tree, hanging there like a, well, like a dead rat.  No rain in the forecast to bring it down and the hose water is not powerful enough.  I guess our new science lessons will be to observe petrifaction. Gross.  So gross.
Oh, and Ginger cat tried to go get it and got stuck at the top of our hedge.  He still wasn’t quite close enough.

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