Well I’m finally ready to share that we have been struggling with school here.  It seemed such a good (and obvious) choice to send Zoe to the private school a block away from our house, but it’s become increasingly apparent that we should’ve explored more options.

I made too many assumptions; about private schools having better academics, that we would’ve been given info about other schools if they were an option, that a “bilingual international” school would have better communication and resources for our kiddo, and that all the schools in town had the same long day. Well none of these have panned out.

So the biggest issue is the long day. Zoe goes from 9am to 5pm.  It’s exhausting, but we thought it would be worth the extra hours for a high quality education.  Seems the longer she attends the less impressed I get; it’s simplified instead of the rigorous curriculum I expected (ugh, assumptions).  She even complains about the material (especially sciences and math) being stuff she did in first or second grade.  I expected the English classes to be lacking, but with her coming home so late there is little room for me to supplement all her subjects. She (obviously) struggles in Spanish but the school won’t offer her some one-on-one except by coming early…for a longer day! At the same time there are long periods of the day when she colors or has nothing to do.  A Spanish teacher friend explained to me that the public school would have the resources to take her out of class for some time with a language teacher (a para) just like we do in the states wth ELL kids.  But the private school is all about their bottom line and don’t have additional staff for such things.

The choice to put her in public school (there are two bilingual ones I did not fully know about) seems the best, as they go a regular 9am-2pm.  But she is established with friends and it’s not all bad stuff; her teachers are very nice (can’t reciprocate that with the admin).  Her wish is to homeschool further, but I feel it’s too much of an opportunity to learn another language (and Avi is thriving with one on one time).  I took her to one of the schools; she loved it and was ready to move right away, but then she had a good day at the current school and wants to stay there complaining I could pick her up early (I can occasionally, as they don’t really keep records….but daily would be a red flag).

So she is stressed, understandably.  And it may just be a decision made for her in her best interest. The bummer is that’s the nearby public school was full, so …. *sigh* it’s never easy.  I feel the weight of responsibility for her stress.

A bit of a vacation to clear the emotions is in order!
Here she is at home with her good friend Carlota. 

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