I’ve been looking forward to and planning our upcoming trip since the summer, and it is a good time for us to get a break.  But things don’t always go as planned and I’m fighting a daily battle with a sore throat. Seems it’s been one weird thing after another this fall.

Zoe was randomly throwing up last week; still haven’t nailed down why. She had a constant bellyache which came up at school and home twice.  Now Avi is in the same boat.  No fevers, though, and it’s not daily.  I’m starting to think its food bourne.  Even I had an unexplained laying-on-the-couch all day stomach ache a couple weeks ago.

I wonder if the food here is just not sitting well or carrying something our bodies don’t like.  It’s so weird.  I wash all the produce and have been cooking the same as usual.  Zoe is required to eat school lunch and has often said it was repulsive enough to gag her (meats and cheeses).

So, here’s to hoping a trip away will help.

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