We spent some time with Bryan in his fancy swissotel room this morning before venturing into the old town of Tallin.  It’s an adorable place with many city walls and towers still intact,  lots of cobbled lanes, and cute shops.

We had a wonderful time walking everywhere taking in the sights.  Avi was especially keen to find a Santa stacking doll and eventually bought a wonderful one. Zoe found all the amber irresistible and got a little kitty and a tree statue. The churches were pretty to pop into, as were a few antique stores.  During a mostly rainfall, we had lunch in the loft of a little cafe where I tried the herring and was pleasantly surprised.

 The sun came out later when Avi and I ventured up the St Olav’s church tower for the view, which was incredible, but the old stone spiral staircases up were a fun highlight.

 Later, Bryan had a special surprise for the kids near the hotel: a cat cafe called Nurri!  It was adorable.  At first the kitties were all sleepy, but they woke and played and endured petting.


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