Back in Estonian Time

This morning we ate at the fancy schmancy breakfast at Bryan’s hotel before heading out into the sunshiny day for a visit to the Estonian Open Air Museum.  It is a vast living history museum full of old farm buildings, thatched roof houses, and winding paths through the woods to explore.

 It was simply gorgeous and quite enjoyable to poke around these old homes, learn about the different ways to build log cabins, and visit some time-period interpreters.  We saw old rotating windmills, tried pancakes, and fed the goats. Avi, especially, loved the goats.  He’s a goat kid.  We visited the Old school, bought a zephyr at the shop and each kid bought a carving

On the way out we were even greeted by the resident cat Hanno, who purred and rubbed and was then on his way.  It was a wonderful day out.

After hours in the cool autumn air, we returned to the hotel for a bit and ventured out a again later for dinner… At a Korean restaurant!  I’ve been missing my kimchi. It was perfect. And we were joined by an old friend who was stationed with us in Korea the first go around. Such a nice day.

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