Bike dreams

What looked like a dreary day became a wish fulfilling adventure for Bryan.  He has always wanted a reason to have one of those Scandinavian cargo bikes: for kids or stuff or just for fun, but it’s never been a reasonable thing to own.

So, today,  we rented one! I’ve never seen one available to rent before, so regardless of the chill overcast sky and potential for rain we got him one and tossed the kids inside.  I was just on a cruiser and we had fun exploring the city with the Kadriorg castle and its surrounding park in mind.

We ended up following  the coastline, biking through a cute neighborhood, and taking a “shortcut” up a steep hill to find ourselves well past our goal.  Winding back toward the castle we had to descend a super step sketchy hill but found the park quite pleasant and full of fall leaves. At the castle museum we popped into the little cafe for some fancy hot cocoa before returning the bikes downtown.

     Spent the afternoon warming and schooling in the hotel.  This evening I’ve packed for our early morning flight to Finland.  We had an enjoyable diner at Toits: a local favorite the guys have discovered.

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