Another First Day

After a few weeks of vacation and decision making, we returned from Finland ready to pull Zoe out of CEDES – the private school she’s been attending. There have just been too many struggles there; especially the long day, and quite a list of other things.  The nearby bilingual public school was too full, so she was placed at the other one in the district. It’s a bit further down the road, but still an easily bike-able distance along a lovely bike trail.  In the end, I think it will be a better fit as it’s quite small with only one class per grade and there are a few other American families attending. 

She spent a last day at the private school to fill in her friends on the move, and then we went to a meeting with her new teacher.  It was so nice.  Miss Pepa is very communicative with me, has lots of resources available to get Zoe speaking Spanish, and quite nice.  She speaks no English, so a second teacher translated, but I’m getting fairly good at understanding even if I can’t bring the words for replying.  Zoe will go daily with her for one-on-one Spanish work. There are one or two subjects taught daily in English, so that is a nice mental break for her.

packing lunch… and excited for no uniform…

Her first day was Wednesday and went really well.  She was nervous, but that was eased when we arrived and all the kids and teachers were so kind.  The experience has been much more personal than the other school; they are quite concerned with her enjoying school and keeping her math and science skills while learning another language.  Plus, now that she is home so early, I can continue English language lessons at home and she can get into some fun science and history projects she enjoys.

The school day goes from 9 to 2, so no more unnecessarily long day and a stressed out kid.  Her attitude and demeanor has leveled out to normal in just a week; my happy creative little girl is back….she is already crafting and writing stories again.

In a wonderful surprise, there is an American girl (from PA!) called Emma in her class who has helped her adjust.  They are becoming fast friends.  She also helps Zoe understand what is happening during the Spanish speaking portions of class; for now.

The move has been so good!

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  1. So happy this change has worked out, Zoe is adjusting and Happy and Mom and Dad feel good about it. Enjoy school Zoe and meeting new friends! We love you Nana and Pap


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