Climbing under the Castillo 

This weekend was beautifully sunny warm and clear. We drove south an hour or so to a town called Cienca for some rock climbing.  There are cliffs and rocky mountains all over the country, and Bryan has pursued with passion finding those that are bolted for climbing.

Friends joined us for the day which the kids always love, and they ended up mostly playing than climbing.  Fine with me as us grownups were able to try a more challenging route that was quite fun and directly under an old crumbling castle ruin. 

We explored the ruin after we were finished climbing.  It was perched on the edge of the cliff and made me nervous with all the kids running about, but they reluctantly obeyed my orders to stay clear.  The view was fetching and far. 

 In the evening we drove to a campground that turned out to be a caravan parking…real camping has been more elusive here than climbing and wild camping rules are complex.  We puttered back home and had our weenies and marshmallows over the fire pit; the kids camped outback instead.  Girls tent. Boys tent. Bryan and I slept inside with our door open to listen to their adorable little chatterings.  

Though I longed for a night in the wild, one benefit of camping out back is the Sunday morning pancakes! 

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