Can I tell you how  I love swim class?  We bike over twice a week to the university area- it’s not far – and get to see all the young folks heading to class. At the pool building we each have a little card to swipe, which Avi loves to do on his own: big boy! 

In the locker room we get changed into our swimsuits and caps and goggles with the chaos of other moms and kids.  He heads off with his gaggle of kids to the adjacent indoor pool and me with my grownups to a different one. 

It’s funny how I almost loathe going to swim, but end up loving it.  My little 5 year old accountability partner is awesome. 

My “class” is more like a swim workout. Our instructor – Alexandro or Pilar – tell us what to do in Español… So I’ve learned many swim terms.  I’m in the ‘slow’ lane I can tell, but that’s ok cause I don’t always understand instructions.  I think the ladies in my lane like it too because if I lap them it seems as though they have done the whole thing and they can skip a lap . Anyway it’s a good way for me to learn spanish.

Avi has become quite a little fish alread and is always telling me about fun things they did like running on a floating platform or being thrown in and swimming to the edge.

After Avi’s class he comes over to my pool and sits on the bench watching us finish stretching.  He is adorable in his big towel and little beanie hat and goggles.  We then go to the locker room and get a nice hot shower and get dressed.  Some days we play at the playground with some other kids- their mom is in my class and we’ve become friends.

Then we bike home, starving for dinner.


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